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To create high quality bags and accessories, which will last a lifetime . My ultimate goal is for you to love your bag even more over the years and the message on it will be guarded in your heart. Shine with it, for the world to see.



One day in 2016, I woke up with a "dream with a purpose," - a purpose to start a company in designing and making handmade leather bags with a message to inspire!
So that's where my journey started….

My Journey

My name is Naomi, I've been married for 22 years and I am a mother of 4 adorable children. As a child I always had a dream to be a designer. But sometimes in life you make different choices, so I studied Human Resources which gave me the opportunity to work at the local government. For the last ten years I have worked as a projectmanager at the City of Amsterdam. And like many in their 30s- and 40s, I realized that I'm not fully using my given talents.  So when I received "my dream" I quit my job and started to follow my mission to start a company in producing leather Bags & Accessories, all with a Royal Message.


The Message

The bags and accessories come with a message to inspire you, and the people around you. Each collection and design will have a different word. I thank God for being my source of inspiration. He always has a "bigger dream" for us, than we could dream ourselves.

Enjoy your buy and 'SHINE' with it!!!



My love for pure materials is something you can find in my handmade products. Leather is purely organic in nature, such an incredible material to work with and it wears well. It's beautiful, durable, and resourceful.


I do everything in-house at my work-studio in Twisk, in the northern part of the Netherlands. Design, cut, sew, finish and ship, all in one place. This is an incredibly satisfying aspect of what I do, to be a part of the creation from start to finish. 

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